Personalised Styling and Shopping Platform

Girlsourced is a personalised styling and shopping platform providing fashion styling expertise and curated looks from global retail partners to help you discover your personal style.

Shop from stylist curated looks or engage a personal stylist for a wardrobe curation service. 

The Girlsourced Fashion Styling Crew features a team of professional fashion stylists located around the world, in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our clients say

"I really like the idea of a wrap dress. It's something I didn't even consider before this consultation."
Geok Kim
Styled by Sarah Devina
"Accessorising with my workout clothes was never in my mind. It was totally out of my comfort zone but I love it."
Styled by Vella Sutanio
"Vintage fashion is a style that is new to me and it’s fun and suits my personality. Thank you to Joyan for opening my eyes to this!"
Styled by Joyan Chan
The stylist extended the time we had together at no additional cost, just to ensure I had all my questions answered."
Styled by Lea Villena

Frequently asked questions

Our certified and trained personal stylists will answer all the fashion dilemmas you have and provide you with their recommendations on how to style your existing wardrobe pieces or what you can consider purchasing, depending on the styling product you choose.

Refer to our list of personal styling services for the types of sessions available.

For style discovery

  • Self explorers who wish to discover their authentic styles
  • Change makers going through or who have gone through a lifestyle transition and wish to revamp their wardrobe
  • Fun-seekers of weekly mix-and-match looks from existing wardrobe and stylist recommendations.

For empowerment

  • Working Executives, Managers and Key Opinion Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Front-liners
  • New Career Entrants to the workforce

Our stylists come from various fashion related backgrounds and are of different nationalities from Asia Pacific and Europe.

We are on the constant lookout for talent so drop us a note if you are interested to join our team!

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