We suggest these 5 tips for a happier wardrobe (and life)

The theory of Happy Clothes means that the clothes we wear not only reflect our mood but shape it too. Clothes can lift our emotions and make us feel happier, if we choose wisely.

The way you dress is also said to be a mode of visual communication to people about who you are, your identity, mood and even what you think about yourself. This is the power of dressing up – you can change how others perceive you. Let us get you started with these 5 tips for a happier wardrobe and life.

Clothes have the ability to affect our thoughts

Social media personality Yoyo Cao emanates confidence and it is unsurprising considering her stylish wardrobe.

Photo credit: @yoyokulala

Try this chic jumpsuit look that will bring you from work to drinks with the girlfriends.

Your fashion choice is a visual statement of 'who I am'

We love how Girlsourced Stylist Zara Rahman never fails to add colour to her wardrobe to spice life up. 

Photo credit: Girlsourced Stylist Zara Rahman in a Rentadella gown

You can get the exact same look as Zara at Rentadella. You can thank us later.

Fun clothes can help lift your mood in gloomy times

Follow the “Pink Twins” Aya and Ami because their eccentric style never fails to lift our moods.

Photo credit: @ayaxxamiaya, @amixxamiaya

If eclectic styles are a bit too much for you, start slow with a safe option like this blazer from YOOX.

Maximise the potential for happiness by shifting your perspectives

Comedian turned fashion designer Naomi Watanabe embraces her unconventional body type and even designed a range for women like herself called Punyus likened to “pudgy” in Japanese.

Photo credit: @watanabenaomi703

Wear something that makes you feel physically and mentally good

Vogue China’s editor-in-chief Margaret Zhang mixes up fun prints here but keeps it matching with a floral top and floral boots.

Photo credit: @margaretzhang

We may not be celebrities but we can be equally stylish.

Play with cut, colour & textures to express different sides of your personality. 

Photo credit: Who What Wear

Want to put together your own happy wardrobe? Book a stylist now to discover your happy clothes!