Renewing wardrobes with the Wardrobe Restart

To celebrate the launch of the Wardrobe Restart by Renata, we asked women why they needed to restart their wardrobes, and selected a winner with the best answer to get styled by Renata. We received great responses from all the ladies but we were won over by Girlsourced customer Leianne Tan’s response and awarded her with not one but two sessions for the Wardrobe Restart worth $700!

We speak to Leianne about why she came out of her sessions with a renewed wardrobe and passion for style.⁠⁠ 

What were your expectations before the session? 

I went into this wardrobe restart aiming for a major declutter as well as some suggestions for new outfits and a capsule wardrobe. I asked if it was necessary to buy new items and Renata assured me that it was optional.


How did your expectations change after the session if at all? 

I went in with a sense of duty, and emerged from the first session with a renewed passion for fashion. We talked about the different functions or feelings I associated with clothing. What were the ones I never wore and felt like keeping because they were expensive, the silhouettes I’ve grown out of, the fancy pieces that were too recognisable and hence wouldn’t repeat, too many similar pieces, the just in case pairs of battered sneakers I kept, etc. 

We also discussed the qualities evoked by different colours and textures, how something I rejected like a shiny patent nude heel could work if I replaced it with a soft suede version.

She also introduced me to the magic of a belt and statement jewellery to look more put together. Lastly, I benefitted from an outside eye that told me what flattered by body shape, and kept a lace sheath dress that I would’ve decluttered otherwise.

Above all it was a great reminder of who I felt like in the current season of my life, and to reaffirm what I liked about the perennial pieces I chose to keep.

What do you feel is the value of the Wardrobe Restart for you or any other woman?

The value of the Wardrobe Restart is in having someone who would go through a try-on of all the shoes, clothing, bags and accessories in your wardrobe, while having a friendly chat about the history behind them so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Next it’s to be guided through a conscious process to identify what brings me joy and what causes me to hold on to pieces that I don’t wear often, so I know what to buy and what to avoid in future.

A sneak peek at the digitised wardrobe guide created for Leianne

Lastly, to see my entire wardrobe laid out in a PDF file makes me aware of how big my wardrobe is and streamline it. Renata also identified a few gaps in my wardrobe that I could consider filling. The outfit suggestions were also surprisingly good and gave me inspiration to work with what I already have.


Was it hard to let go of the items that Renata suggested you let go of?

Once we identified and properly put my belief into words, it was much easier to become aware of the motivation behind keeping something and hence let go of it.


How have you been using the virtual wardrobe that she recommended?

I have been trying out the outfits she suggested and getting more use out of items I didn’t know how to style. 

I have also cleared many pairs of shoes and some clothing pieces, so I only keep the ones I absolutely love!

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