Transform Your Existing Wardrobe Pieces

Kang Ruyi

Kang Ruyi

Girlsourced Stylist

Rather spend money on something other than new clothes? Sustainability is such a hot topic these days… so why not jump on it in your very own home?


1. Shirts

Button ups are such versatile pieces. It can be both a formal and casual piece. Here are some easy tips on how to spice up a simple shirt:

  1. Crop it! It is a quick way to give it a new look.

  2. Adding embroidery or ready made iron-on patches.

  3. Trying different ways to style will also give you many looks out of just a piece. For example, tying a knot in the front, throwing a cardigan over the shoulders or just a scarf around the neck will spruce it up.

2. Denim

There are a few ways to transform that pair of denim that has been with you for as long as you can remember.

  1. Taking a pair of scissors and ripping the jeans on the knees or thigh area. It will immediately give them a different look and vibe.

  2. Acid wash a jeans to give it a fresh double tone.

  3. Hemming is the easiest way to transform a piece of clothing. Either leave it frayed or properly finish them hem


3. Dresses

What are the best ways to change up that old dress of yours? Continue reading on to find out how!

  1. If you are looking to transform your maxi dress, the easiest way is to shorten it, take the access fabric and transform it into belt loops and a belt to instantly change it up.

  2. What if you’re already sick of that one dress but still can’t get rid of it? Changing it into a shopping tote is the easiest way to still keep a part of the dress but get more use out of it.

4. Knitted Wear

Cardigans and sweaters are essential to the closet if you would want a quick outfit fix.

Here are some quick tips to renew old knitwear:

  1. Easiest way to make old knitwear look new again is by removing the lint that has surfaced overtime.

  2. Purchase fancy buttons and replace the old ones on your cardigan. This will instantly transform your old cardigan into a unique and current piece.


5. Coats/Jackets:

Coats & jackets are definitely a staple during this time of the year. Here are some of the ways to freshen them up:

  1. If your coat doesn’t have a patch pocket, why not add one of your own? Cut up any printed fabric that you think matches with the coat and sew a patch pocket on! It will instantly makes a boring old coat to a quirky and unique piece.

  2. if you are a sewing wizard…you can turn your coat/jacket into an upcycle bag as you have more fabric to work with and usually the fabric used on outerwear is more durable.

It is definitely possible to be sustainable and still get new styles/looks out of your current wardrobe!

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