The Ultimate Guide for Professional Procrastinators to Start Decluttering

Admit it, most of us are procrastinators when it comes to decluttering.  This shoebox method might change your mindset because:

●  This follows one’s own pace and time. Suitable for those who are unable to devote hours for decluttering.

●  This is actually manageable than mentally exhausting compared to other traditional methods.

●  Helps you identify where to start.


Ready? Here’s what to do 

Choose the size of your box

It is recommended to start from shoebox-size or any box size that you are comfortable with to kickstart decluttering. Start with things that are small in size. Rearrange things to where they belong such as accessories, makeup, underwear, or stationeries.

Keep track of your time and journal it

This will help you keep a regular routine of emptying boxes “every day”, by using up to 30 mins a day (2% of your day). Be sure to keep track of how much time you need to empty a box, and then jot down how many boxes you can empty within the 30 minutes.

Moving to bigger boxes

Once you get used to the routine or when you finish decluttering the small things, you will need a bigger box to store bigger stuff like bulky clothes, toys, shoes, books, kitchen sets, toiletries, etc. Keep using this method on other parts of the house in areas like the bedroom or kitchen basically where you spent the most time in.


Empty the box by returning the items to where they belong to or by tossing or donating away things that as Marie Kondo says “don’t spark joy”.

Keep it to under 30 minutes at most every day. You can opt to only declutter as much as your box can fill or stop decluttering when the 30 mins are up and continue the next day. The beauty of this method is the flexibility to manage it at your own pace and not get overwhelmed.

At the end of it, the idea is to kick the habit of shoving everything into the drawer, and realising the importance of utilising what you already have rather than jumping into your next purchase. This is now easily achieved with less clutter.

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Happy trying! Share this article with friends you think could do with less clutter and we will see you on the app ladies!