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Textile waste is not something one thinks about, until you are faced with a heap of clothing that you have no longer have use for.⁠ In Lyn’s case, a personal experience with textile waste generated by a growing family, inspired her to go further. In 2017, she set up Greensquare, a textile recycling service based in Singapore to close the loop on sustainability. ⁠

Read on as we find out more about Greensquare and Lyn and how you can be a part of closing the loop.

Hello Lyn! Tell us all about Greensquare

Greensquare is a textile recycling company that provides free collection services to the community including all households and companies. Our aim is to create such convenience and hopefully people will change the habit of throwing hence reducing textile waste in SG.

Our mission is:

– To partner with schools to conduct recycling projects/events to educate and help instil the culture of recycling to the younger generations.

– Keep textiles in close loop as much as possible to prolong their lifespan. 

In Singapore, textile waste is incinerated and sent to Semakau Landfill. We send about 200,000 tonnes of waste and incinerated ash each year. At this rate, the landfill is estimated to run out of space by around year 2035. 

We need to look for more sustainable solutions to handle our waste. Also, the garment industry comes second in being a polluter of clean water. By prolonging the lifespan of the clothes, we can all help to reduce environmental pollution. 


When and why did you start doing this?

It was during 2017, few years after my second kid, I realised that my family generated an enormous amount of textile waste mostly due to the children’s growth. I used to donate them to the missionaries, and they would travel to the developing countries to give to the less fortunate. But things were still piling up at home as young children outgrow their clothes and shoes quickly.  

I started researching recycling culture and channels in other countries and many already have companies providing textile recycling services, but we are relatively ‘behind’ in Singapore. Therefore, I decided to start Greensquare to provide everyone with the convenience of recycling their unwanted textiles at their doorstep.


What happens to the clothes that are passed to you?

The clothes are reused or recycled. Good quality collected recyclables are sold to second-hand textile importers in various developing countries. We try to patch those with defects to usable condition.

However if we receive textiles that cannot be reused, we recycle and sell them as industrial cleaning cloth. We work to keep textiles in a closed recycling loop which helps to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

The recycling process at Greensquare

Can you give 3 pieces of advice to a consumer who wants to be more sustainable but who is struggling?

The 3 things we reiterate to customers are:

Buy less, buy only what you need. D
o not buy what is in trend for a short period of time and go for clothes that can be worn and do not go out of style.

Invest in trans-seasonal clothes, clothes that can be worn year-round regardless of the weather

Go for quality over quantity. Do not buy simply because the clothes are cheap. Research on the quality of the clothes before purchasing, for example through reading online reviews.

What are the 3 things should brands do if they want to start more sustainable practices? 

We can all start somewhere, and these are the 3 common ways to start:

Produce consciously (E.g. source of material, manufacturing process, etc)

Put off-season items on sale or recycle them with Greensquare

Implement green operational practices (E.g. do not use plastic bags, use recycled paper for receipts, etc)

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