Sustainable Style: Bringing Fashion to the Next Level 

Sustainability is a buzzword now but what does it truly mean? Books like “Fashionopolis” have shed light on the topic while organisations like Fashion Revolution rise up to bring about real change to the industry. Yet sustainability remains a distant topic for the Gen Z consumer who wants to be woke yet doesn’t know where to start if they want to look fashionable.

The woke generation of consumers today want clothes to be made from sustainable materials and produced in an environmentally friendly way. More are also demanding for longer lasting quality than the two years (or less) that many of today’s clothes are designed for. Sustainable style can help meet all three of these criteria.

What are some examples of sustainable style? 

Sustainable style can have a huge impact on your everyday life. You can save more by buying less and increase the opportunity to invest in quality pieces as opposed to cheap fast-fashion items made with toxic chemicals that will break down quickly. (See our article “Our stylists share their secrets to looking expensive on a budget“) This white tee from James Perse for example, will last longer than one from a fast fashion brand.

How can I choose a responsible brand?

Even though many clothing brands claim to be environmentally friendly, some do not mention whether or not the items were ethically sourced from suppliers who follow certain labour practices and regulations. Buying locally-made or second-hand is one of the more sustainable choices you can make apart from wearing what you already have in your wardrobe. Retailers who prioritise their employees’ well-being should also be taken into consideration. A perfect example of this is slow fashion #SGlocal brand Style Nomads who works with single mums to make small quantities of jewellery designs. The single mums that they work with earn up to 40% of the cost of each item.

The demand for sustainable fashion, locally made goods, and ethically sourced materials are all increasing exponentially as more consumers become aware of what they buy and how those choices affect our planet. Apps developed by organisations like GoodOnYou rate brands on different criteria such as animal testing. For us at Girlsourced, we focus on what works for you, including those pieces of clothing that you already own. We also partner sustainable brands like ModiBodiNinety PercentPeople Tree, Stella McCartney and Thought.


What does it really mean to be a conscious consumer?

Be conscious of what you add to your wardrobe and buy only what you need and what works for you. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with wearing only 20% of your wardrobe at every one time. Whenever you are ready to buy, be mindful of the brands you shop from.

If you are unsure, get a consultation with a Girlsourced Stylist. At Girlsourced, our stylists can help you determine what you really lack and then ensure the wardrobe suggested for you is built on sustainability and ethical sourcing.


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