Stylist picks for the season

Even as 2020 has been a bit of a party-pooper year, we are upbeat about how many have risen to the occasion to support and uplift others at this time. 

This has been the inspiration for Girlsourced to collaborate with 3 very unique Singapore brands featuring quality products lovingly designed and made by real people who care, to put the sparkle back into your eyes and the “twist-and-pop” back into your hips this festive season. Get handcrafted customised jewellery by Euniqyou, artisanal apparels and accessories by Indiigo Culture, and Italian handmade vegetable-tanned leather shoes by MAESO all on Girlsourced.

Here are some inspirations from our Girlsourced stylist for you to get ready to celebrate and party with your friends!

Capture those holiday OOTDs

Staycation or vacation, we say keep styling on point. Afterall, what’s a holiday without a holiday wardrobe?

Whether you are dressing up for a fancy dinner or casual drinks at the bar, our Girlsourced stylist shows you how you can match these quality products to ensure you look every bit the style maven you are on those holiday snapshots.

Gift ideas for that special someone

How much time do you spend finding the perfect gift for your loved ones or BFFs? According to the US customer advocacy group Consumer Reports, women can average up to 20 hours while men, notorious for leaving gift buying to the last minute, spend 10 hours.

While there may never be a perfect gift, one of the tricks to shopping would be to consider the recipient’s lifestyle and values. Think about whether they are all about being unique, stand for sustainability or value quality-made products. 

Here are our Girlsourced stylist’s suggestions for every lady in your life, to save you time on gift hunting. 

For that unique individual

Although the latest iPhone and AirPods are always on the wish list, nothing beats a personalised gift. Personalisation turns an otherwise normal gift into a thoughtful and meaningful one.

EuniqYou, a personalised jewellery brand offers a Handscripted Collection allowing you to fully customise a unique piece of jewellery. Choose from a range of engravable necklaces, bracelets or cuffs. They even turn handwriting, scribbles or doodles into a wearable keepsake so you can steal a friend’s writings or doodles to create a gift for her.

EuniqYou is about capturing stories —big or small with personalised jewellery. We make any piece of jewellery more meaningful by adding your personal story to it through the use of initials, zodiac sign, birthstone or an engraving of the writing of a loved one. Each piece is personalised and handmade-to-order for you to wear close to your heart.


For that eco-friendly friend

We all have that one friend who talks about global warming and green living. We are with her on that.

Sustainability has increasingly gained focus, particularly in the fashion industry. This is hardly surprising as according to statistics from the UNEP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Everyone can play a part in creating a sustainable environment. As consumers, we can start by purchasing from sustainable brands such as Indiigo Culture, that lives by the philosophy of putting the people and planet first. 

Treat your already eco-friendly friend, or encourage others to start by getting them a gift from Indiigo Culture and join in the movement to be more sustainable.

To us, conscious manufacturing means being three things; (1) Eco-friendly, (2) Ethical, and (3) Transparent. Being sustainable is to intentionally minimise harm to human health and the environment, and to be open about the process. More than just limiting harm, Indiigo Culture wants fashion to leave a meaningful impact by supporting our family of talents and their communities.

Indiigo Culture

For the Italian-made (and eco-friendly) lover

If your girlfriend talks about quality over quantity, then MAESO shoes are just for her. 

Crafted from quality full grain Vegetable Tanned leather from leading tanneries in Italy, MAESO ensures both durability and comfort while staying environment friendly.

Superstitious about gifting shoes? If you ask us, we’d throw any superstition out the window to receive a pair of MAESOs. But if that doesn’t comfort you, select a pair of earrings or a necklace to go with it to make it a nice little gift package.

From reinvented classics to timeless essentials, our products are made to last beyond seasons. At MAESO, we want you to wear our products for the years to come. That is why we work with experienced craftsmen at top artisanal factories in Italy. Handcraft using quality materials. To bring you – thoughtfully designed products with a focus on craftsmanship, quality, and comfort.


Inspired to stay stylish and give your friends a little treat? Head on over to our shop to browse all of the products above, or consult a Girlsourced stylist to put together a customised moodboard and the perfect shopping list for you.

Have a blessed and joyous season!