Styling For Work

Office wear should be a no-brainer since like any institution, standard offices have rules governing what constitutes “professional”. While such limitations should make choices clear and simple, it is ironically quite the opposite. It is quite a feat to turn-up looking professional without sacrificing style to the demons of dystopian fashion.

Girlsourced makes putting together the weekday OOTD a little easier for you in the mornings by giving you a few tips that are universal or suitable for your own style so you can simply have more time to sip your cuppa coffee, or grab a few more minutes of snoozing!

Style Tip 1: White Collared Shirts

White collared shirts might seem an unimaginative choice. But the trick lies in getting just the right the style and texture. Forget somber – pop-up your collar, or add an elegant brooch detail, the white shirt is any bottom’s best friend. We tell you why this is a must-have for the smart working girl:

  • They are versatile and classic
  • They make you look clean and clever (keeping a white shirt pristine gives the impression of a responsible individual)
  • They can be paired with either trousers or skirts without much thought.

Style Tip 2: Blazers

Blazers have not been given the credit they deserve for turning up the pro quotient on many an office outfit. Throw it over a dress, jumpsuit or the nothing-to-shout-about shirt and pants combo to instantly elevate you from office auntie to corporate vixen. Invest in a well-cut and quality blazer that will last you through last minute presentations, workconferences and formal dinner appointments with clients. Leave it at the office where one well-kept piece, is really allyou need.

Style Tip 3: Matching Pieces

Matching Combos” are a two-piece sets of the same design. These pretty much take all the thought out of “thinking” when all you have to do is to lay the foundation with a plain basic top and voila! You will never have to run in five-inch heels late to catch your morning bus ever again.

Want style advice to nail a  professional but stylish look for your wardrobe? Book a stylist or session with us below !