Styling With Modest Reasons

Dressing modestly while maintaining fashion freedom has always been an issue many girls face. While women may have more freedom of expression than ever before, we are still very much aware that girls are challenged with constantly trying to strike a balance between the liberty to bare, and the consideration of more conservative cultures that make up our community.

We are with you, comrades.

Style Tip 1: High Waisted Bottoms

Pair high-waisted bottoms with cute crop tops to achieve that je ne sais quoi flair. High-waisted bottoms are all the rage now because someone took a hint from their mom’s retro photographs and realized that the belly-busting waistline also made for an illusion of longer legs. Say goodbye to anything hipster… or just save them for the next generation.

Style Tip 2: Midi Skirts & Dresses

You can never go wrong with Midi Skirts/dresses. Modest and chic, and they transition a girl from casual to formal effortlessly. The midi’s mid-calf length extends below the knee, fulfilling the paramount rule of every convent school, yet offering a tantalising peek of leg. When tailored with a gentle body-skimming silhouette, this style is a perennial wardrobe classic, also qualifying as a versatile and space-efficient choice to take on travels.

Style Tip 3: Long Sleeves Top

Never underestimate the allure of the long sleeve top. It beckons the gaze to appreciate shapely shoulders and the graceful feminine length of the neck. Paired with the short skirt or shorts, the combination concurs with modern society’s fashion rule of modest exposure – to expose only one body part at a time. Perfect for the casual shopping jaunt in a tropical climate. At the office, in the malls and on the long transit home on an air-conditioned public transport, long sleeves keep you warm and cosy eespecially when you don’t have control of the AC!

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