Steal the look: Rectangle Body Shape

Create curves for your rectangle shape with the right styling. Steal the look from Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Isabel as part of your style inspo on accentuating your body shape.⁠

Not sure if you have a rectangle shape? Find out here what a rectangle body shape looks like!

Karlie Kloss

Picture credits: @karliekloss

Style tips from Karlie: 

 Well-structured jacket that ends after the waist

✔ Straight or slightly wide legged pants


Picture credits: @prettyfrowns

Style tips from Isabel: 

 Off shoulder top, to lengthen the bust and shoulder area

✔ Balance in overall outfit and pencil skirt that shapes the body, to accentuate the waist

Gigi Hadid

Picture credit: @gigihadid

Style tips from Gigi:

 Padded shoulders to bring volume on top and make the waist looks smaller.

✔ Gathers fitted on the hips to create illusion of hourglass figure.


Accentuate your rectangle body shape with the right wardrobe. Consult a stylist now to find out what suits you best!