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YOF Athletica

We believe that everybody wins from a cleaner, greener and ethical fashion industry. Producers get fair pay and improve working conditions and consumers get higher quality clothing that will last longer and stay stylish over multiple seasons.

The activewear and accessories you will find here are made to fit the criteria of quality, fairness and sustainability. 

YOF Athletica athleisure is made mainly from Eco Circle Fibers or Natural Fibers. It uses not only PET bottles but also from other polyester products through a process that  purifies the material to an extent whereby the quality is equivalent to that of freshly produced polyester from petroleum. As a result, products have the same quality, functionality, and feel of those produced from virgin polyester. The Eco Circle Recycling System reduces approximately 50% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compare to the traditional technology.  We are determined to keep figuring out how to improve every aspect of our business so that we create the least amount of harm to the environment as possible.

The designed activewear mean to friendly to our skin, environment and have the necessary functionality for each yoga poses, connecting us with nature.