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Style Nomads

As a Social Enterprise, we support Single Mums who are the breadwinners of their family. They need the money to look after their kids and build better lives. We call this ‘Feel Good Fashion’. You get great products, you look good and you feel good knowing you’ve helped women less fortunate than yourself.

Our materials are sourced from artisans, then our group of Single Mums hand-assemble our statement gold jewellery in sunny Singapore. Each item is lovingly made by hand using either 18K gold fill or 14K to 24K gold plated brass and semi-precious stones like freshwater pearls, turquoise, garnet, agate and mother of pearl.

Inspired by cultures from across the globe, our beautifully-made accessories can be worn year after year. So if you’re the kind of girl who never leaves home under-dressed, or thinks that without accessories you may as well be naked, then you’re one of us!
People Before Profit

As a for-profit Social Enterprise, all profits get ploughed back into the company. The two founders work as volunteers. Whilst the wonderful ladies who make our products are paid a fair wage, receiving 40% of the cost price. We limit our mark-up to ensure our products don’t break the bank!


We choose style over fashion any day. That’s why we source quality products that you’ll love and wear season after season.


We use ethical and sustainable materials when possible. The same goes for our production process.

Sale Terms

Once we receive your payment you should receive an email confirming the order and when it will be dispatched.

Handmade goods

From time to time due to out-of-stock finding we may replace some parts with slightly different findings. The nature of hand-made goods is there will be some variations.