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Amore is a way of life. In the heart of Amore, lies the vision to be “More than I am”. Established for over 30 years with outlets island wide in Singapore, Amore Fitness Group is more than a holistic and innovative approach to fitness and healthy living. Expect a combination of affordable world class gym facilities, and over 500 fitness and dance classes, including its six signature classes: BellyBlitz®, BodBlitz®, CardioLatino®, FunkBlitz®, KickBlitz®, and StretchFit®. Be revived in a haven of serenity with Amore Boutique Spa. Guests can experience Amore’s fivestar spa facilities and an endless selection of quality face and body treatments to indulge in total body rejuvenation. Let your beauty glow from within.
Bohn Fabulous is your number one source for colourful, fun, alluring & elegant maternity dresses specially designed for occasions and events 🙂 Its vision is to make all pregnant women look stunning and feel amazing during this incredible journey. The Bohn Fabulous luxe collection is designed to flatter you both during and post pregnancies. The brand aspires to illuminate your pregnancy glow whenever you wear a BOHN Fabulous piece and shine like the star that you are, you deserve to feel like a queen and bask in all the glory because YOU hold the gift of life ... and Because all women are BORN FABULOUS !!!
What if you could 'Marie Kondo' your entire stash of lipsticks with one gorgeous little tool? Meet the LIPSKIT. A fun, sleek, and travel-friendly DIY lip color kit that lets you create ANY lip color with ANY texture in less than 20 secs. The patent-pending LIPSKIT comes with 5 reusable jars, making it sustainable, economical, and versatile. Dolling up is now guilt-free! "It's so simple, it's genius!" - Pearl Louie, Makeup artist Interstellar.
Exclusively for Girlsourced customers, enjoy up to 20% off your purchase with Lily & Lou! Lily & Lou is an online boutique that specialises in customisable womenswear. They believe in empowering women to create unique pieces that they truly desire and best help them express their individual style!
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