Style tips and more

Girlsourced Ambassador Olivia Choong​

This month we bring you Olivia Choong, an inspiration to all who are looking to make more sustainable choices. An avid environmental activist, Olivia is a co-founder at Green Drinks Singapore, a non-profit environment-focused society raising awareness on pertinent local and global environmental issues.

Girlsourced Ambassador Hajar Goh​

Girlsourced Ambassador is a series featuring inspiring ladies who are passionate about what they do and are inspiring change makers. 

We are excited to have Hajar Goh joining us on board as our Girlsourced Ambassador this month.


We believe in dressing up even as we work from home. As Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the (wo)man”, what you put on can indeed influence how you feel. Let us help you though to skip the routine of wasting time in front of your wardrobe, wondering what to wear for that conference call.