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The Psychology behind Fashion featuring Dr Dawnn Karen

Shopping for new clothes is a favourite past-time and stress reliever that most turn to for some respite. Whether it is in treating ourselves to a new dress for a wedding or buying that new loungewear set for comfort during those lockdowns, we will find every excuse to make a purchase.

Renewing wardrobes with the Wardrobe Restart​

To celebrate the launch of the Wardrobe Restart by Renata, we asked women why they needed to restart their wardrobes, and selected a winner with the best answer to get styled by Renata.

Finding better ways to declutter

Textile waste is not something one thinks about, until you are faced with a heap of clothing that you have no longer have use for.⁠..

Girlsourced Chats featuring Renata Grėbliauskaitė

We build up clutter in our closets through many different means.⁠ It isn’t unusual then that pieces are often worn once or twice before they are tossed at the back of our closets, all forgotten and mouldy. ⁠

Girlsourced Chats with Anisa Johnny

We start our podcast Girlsourced Chats with the ever challenging topic of sustainability featuring Anisa Johnny, co-founder of Style Nomads.

Sustainable Style: Bringing Fashion to the Next Level

Sustainability is a buzzword now but what does it truly mean? Books like “Fashionopolis” have shed light on the topic while organisations like Fashion Revolution rise up to bring about real change to the industry.