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Style guide for new mums

Style guide for new mums

Girlsourced Stylist Costina’s Style Guide for <h2>New Mums</h2> Hello Girlsourced community! We are back with another interesting blog after a […]

Our favourite swimsuit picks for a beach bum ft La Pêche Swim

Spending time at the beach is a true luxury, whether it’s seeing the water dance in embrace of the breeze or witnessing a beautiful golden sunset. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your inner being and rejuvenates the mind, body & soul.

The Psychology behind Fashion featuring Dr Dawnn Karen

Shopping for new clothes is a favourite past-time and stress reliever that most turn to for some respite. Whether it is in treating ourselves to a new dress for a wedding or buying that new loungewear set for comfort during those lockdowns, we will find every excuse to make a purchase.

Renewing wardrobes with the Wardrobe Restart​

To celebrate the launch of the Wardrobe Restart by Renata, we asked women why they needed to restart their wardrobes, and selected a winner with the best answer to get styled by Renata.

Finding better ways to declutter

Textile waste is not something one thinks about, until you are faced with a heap of clothing that you have no longer have use for.⁠..

Girlsourced Chats featuring Renata Grėbliauskaitė

We build up clutter in our closets through many different means.⁠ It isn’t unusual then that pieces are often worn once or twice before they are tossed at the back of our closets, all forgotten and mouldy. ⁠