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We’ve Got You A Jumpsuit for Every Occasion

Are you a fan of jumpsuits? So are we. They are the best thing to jump in and out of (pun intended). Perfect for days when you want to dominate that meeting or simply look pulled together in an instant.

Smart Casual Outfit Ideas

It’s time to re-wear those summer outfits to the office, there is no reason to leave them in your wardrobe till next summer. 

From Work to Play with 1 Blazer

Date night plans after work? Try these fashionable blazer styling tips/ideas to bring you from day to night looking gorgeous and confident!⁠⠀

Know More About Your Pear Body Shape

Let’s start an in depth explanation on the Pear Body Shape and learn how to dress it with confidence. Stay tuned as we bring you more fashion tips focused on the pear body shape and others! ⁠⠀

Know More About Your Strawberry Body Shape

The inverted triangle body shape is also known as a “strawberry body shape”, where the shoulder is the broadest part of the body. 🍓 You likely have an athletic looking body gifted with good looking legs 💃⁠⠀

Steal the look: Hourglass body shape

To all ladies with hourglass figures – Don’t be afraid to go for a style that enhances your curves with body-hugging outfits…