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Stylist picks for the season​

We collaborate with 3 very unique Singapore brands featuring quality products lovingly designed and made by real people who care…

Styling for Work

Office wear should be a no-brainer since like any institution, standard offices have rules governing what constitutes “professional”. While such limitations should make choices clear and simple, it is ironically quite the opposite. It is quite a feat to turn-up looking professional without sacrificing style to the demons of dystopian fashion.

Styling For Matured Elegance ​

“Dressing appropriately” seems an oxymoron since fashion is an expression of creativity. Being “appropriate” suggests we must conform to someone else’s rules.

More than just a pink #OOTD

Christian Dior once said “Every woman should have something pink in her wardrobe. It is the colour of happiness.” While we are certainly with Dior on this one, the significance of a pink OOTD is also a symbol of breast cancer awareness for us this month.

How To Rock A Suit Better Than The Boys?

But first, why suits?

With the rise of female entrepreneurs and the #girlboss movements taking place, we have seen a large number of high-powered women adopting suits.

Girlsourced Ambassador Danielle Champagne

This month we feature Danielle Champagne, co-founder of The Green Collective SG and proud owner of sustainable fashion brand Zhai Eco aiming to make sustainability mainstream.