Tips for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

The inverted triangle body shape is also known as a “strawberry body shape”, where the shoulder is the broadest part of the body. 🍓 You likely have an athletic looking body gifted with good looking legs 💃⁠⠀
You might be concerned however about your waist definition and flat hips, so focus on defining your waistline and add some volume to your lower body 💖⁠⠀

Lucy Liu

Characteristics of a strawberry/inverted triangle body

– Based on your body measurements, your shoulders are the widest part of your body, as compared to your bust, hips and waist.

– You may have shapely legs, little to no waist definition.

American actress Lucy Liu is an example of an inverted triangle/strawberry body shape. She accentuates her figure by wearing dresses that emphasise her waist line. 

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Steal the Look: Strawberry Body Shape

Key to dressing up a strawberry/inverted triangle body

– Bring attention to the lower body and aim to give an illusion of a more defined waist and fuller lower body to balance out with the upper body.

Do & don'ts for strawberry/inverted triangle body

– Wear prints, brighter colours and embellishments on the lower body, avoid wearing it on the upper half of the body to avoid drawing attention to the wide shoulders.

– Avoid tight hugging bottoms, that will make the lower body appear very narrow, instead wear bottoms that gives volume to the hips to balance out the overall look.

The perfect tee for strawberry/inverted triangle body

The best tee for an inverted triangle is to make sure that it has a good fit on the waist with a deep and narrow neckline to reduce the width of the upper body.⁠

Deep and narrow Neckline

This is to visually reduce the width of the upper body

Sleeves recommendations:

Tight fitted sleeves, drop sleeves, etc.

Opt for dark colour top with little to no embellishment

This is to bring the focus on the lower part of the body

Shirts that fit from waist to hips

This will help to help define the waist area, the length of the shirt should not stop at the waist area.

Want to find out what fits best for your inverted triangle body shape? Consult a stylist now!