Tips for Hourglass Body Shapes

One of the most iconic females with hourglass body shape is Marilyn Monroe. The key to styling this shape is about maintaining the balance and keeping it simple by wearing clothes that will flaunt the body silhouette such as body-hugging dresses with lesser embellishments.⁠⠀


Characteristics of an Hourglass body

-Based on your body measurements, your waist is smaller than your bust and hips.

-Weight gain: will distribute evenly throughout the body.

American rapper Jessi is an example of an hourglass body shape. She accentuates her figure by dressing in body-hugging dresses that show off her body silhouette.  

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Steal the Look: Hourglass Body Shape

Key to dressing up an hourglass body

Bring the focus to the waist. Maintaining the balance in the top and bottom.

Do & don'ts for an hourglass body shape

– Accentuate the waist by wearing belts, wear dark colours on the waist area.

– Wear clothes that show off the curvy silhouette.

– Avoid straight cuts and boxy styles that hide the waist

– Keep the natural balance of your body’s silhouette by not wearing eye-catching embellishments.

The perfect tee for hourglass body shape

The secret of pulling off an effortless look with just a white tee and jeans is understanding what details would make that tee perfect for your body shape.⁠

Rounded and V necklines are recommended

Oval, deep oval, rounded or jewel necklines are recommended to keep the balance. Avoid wide neckline like boat necklines.

Opt for fitted sleeves

Slightly tighter than usual sleeves. 

Avoid boxy shapeless tees and avoid embellishments

This will ruin the balance of a hourglass body shape.

Find Tees that help define your waist 

Fitted tops

The tee should end on your hipbone

To give illusion of slimmer body

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