Tips for Rectangle Body Shapes

The rectangle body shape is actually the most common among models.⁠⠀
You have this body shape if you have the body measurements in the bust, hips and waist, with no more than 5.1 cm in difference. The key tips for this body type is to break the rectangle shape by emphasising the waistline by avoiding clothes that are too loose. ⁠⠀

Karlie Kloss

Characteristics of a banana/rectangle body

– Based on your body measurements, bust, waist and hips are almost the same size, no more than 5.1 cm.

– Weight gain will distribute evenly throughout the body. This body may looks lean and tall, with undefined curves.

Former model Karlie Kloss is an example of a rectangle body shape. She accentuates her figure by dressing in well-structured jackets that end after the waist

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Steal the Look: Rectangle Body Shape

Key to dressing up a banana/rectangle body

– Bring the focus to the centre body and aim to break the rectangle by forming a more defined waist.

Do & don'ts for a banana/rectangle bodyshape

– Wear well-structured clothing, and explore with different cuts and shapes to create curves.

– Avoid shapeless and oversized clothes. Keep away from tops that end at the waist.

– You can play with prints and colours on upper and lower body, except the waist. Use dark colours only on your waist to enhance the waistline with belts.

The perfect tee for your banana/rectangle body shape

❌ The most common mistake in choosing the perfect top for this body shape is thinking that you might look fuller with oversized tees when you are in fact hiding your waistline ❌⁠

Recommended Necklines

Scoop, sweetheart, or a deep V, and boat neckline to give illusion of smaller waist .

Avoid Fitted Sleeve

Try rolled up, cuffed, drapey sleeves  that will enhance the interest and the volume of the upper body.

Recommended Sleeves length

Sleeveless, cap, short shirt sleeves. While short elbow, classic shirt long sleeves and ¾ sleeves will help to direct the focus to your waist.

Shirts that accentuate the waist

This can be achieved with belts, nipped in the waists to break the boxy structure.

Flares in the bottom

The bottom part stops at hip level, and not waist level.

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