The Marie Kondo craze will likely take a while to blow over. For now at Girlsourced we are all ready to embrace the KonMari method. But first things first, we will need to know what needs getting rid of and what we should be cherishing. 

Can I still do that sparkly mini skirt justice or is that too teenybopper for anyone to take me seriously? Do I let that oh-so-precious bare-backed dress go since there’s hardly an occasion for it now or do I hold on to it for dear life? What about that pair of skinny pants; is it too unflattering now for my newfound mom bod? So maybe you’ve made up your mind on what to let go, but now your wardrobe is looking a little emptier and you find yourself lacking a certain pair of jeans, shoes, and wondering what exactly you should get. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up having to go all KonMari on your wardrobe anytime soon.

If you find yourself asking the same questions, then we are glad you found us. At Girlsourced you can source fashion tips from a safe and trusted female-only community, and accessibility to advice from a verified professional. Ask what you should keep or get rid of, or what you should wear and get feedback based on your preferred style, body type and occasion. All you need to do is to download the app for it and advice will be a click away.

Want a preview of it? Sign up for our beta launch now, and get to Girlsourcing.