How To Rock A Suit Better Than The Boys?

Joyan Chan

Joyan Chan

Girlsourced Stylist

But first, why suits?


With the rise of female entrepreneurs and the #girlboss movements taking place, we have seen a large number of high-powered women adopting suits. The impact of the suit has taken on a more nuanced significance and represents the freedom of expression and gender equality.


Women in suits elevate the outfit to a whole new level – the perfect juxtaposition of feminine elegance and masculine silhouettes. With the trend growing, we have seen celebrities and models ditching dresses and evening gowns for suits on red carpets. Suits can be worn from work meetings to after parties because they are an easy-to-style apparel.

Let’s take a look at five secrets to strike that sought-after balance between femininity and masculinity effortlessly, so you can rock a suit better than the boys.

Secret 1: Ignore sizes, pay attention to fit

Suits are all about the fit.


A well-tailored and fitted suit instantly makes anyone look good and more polished. Don’t worry about the number on the label. When it comes to finding a perfect suit, fit is everything.


When buying ready-to-wear suits, explore different sizes and cuttings. Choose one you are likely to feel most comfortable in and that makes you feel confident and empowered. While finding an off-the-rack suit that wears like a second skin may be a challenge, all you need are some alterations. The smallest of alterations, like a one centimeter shortening on the sleeves hem, trousers or jacket length can make a huge difference.


If you know exactly what you are looking for, head for the tailors. Make sure to do your research and share photos of what you want, then leave the rest to the tailors to work their magic.

Secret 2: Wear it with accessories

Suits can be boring or exciting, depending on how you accessorise them.


Wearing suits with your favourite accessories can instantly jazz up the look. A subtle look with pearls earrings or necklaces shows a touch of class, sophistication and femininity.

To make a statement, go with a big chunky necklace to stand out from the crowd and keep it bold, sexy and eye-catching. Colourful jewellery also come in handy when styling suits, introducing additional colors to your otherwise, ‘boring’ suits.


As a general rule of thumb, be conscious of the accessories that are appropriate for the social setting you will be in. For example, chunky style jewellery may be frowned upon in more traditional corporate environments.

sunrise blazer
Keepsake Sunrise Blazer from BNKR

Secret 3: Own the look

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Attitude is everything, especially when wearing a suit.


A suit in itself is a power symbol and increases confidence because of the way it is structured, helping you to look poised in any pose.


But even if you make a clothing misstep or the suit is less comfortable than you thought it would be, own the look. Walking out the door with a good posture with your head held high is the quickest way to feel confident in anything you wear, and the best part is – it doesn’t cost you a single cent.

Secret 4: A simple top or no top at all

A suit doesn’t always have to be styled with a classic shirt.


For a contemporary take, embrace the classic lines but soften the silhouettes by styling with a simple camisole, silk blouse or no top at all. Gone are the days when sexy means body-hugging, the new sexy is donning a suit without a top.


If going topless is a no-go for the corporate environment, a perfect sheer pussy-bow blouse works for a formal office wear style. This also keeps your neckline high, incredibly polished for that extra professional touch.

Secret 5: Shoes, shoes, shoes

If the shoes are not right, the outfit is ruined.


Shoes are usually an afterthought but they should not be because your shoes give non-verbal cues about your personality, as well as how successful you may be. A study in 2012 published in the journal of research in personalities showed that 90 percent of people’s personalities are reflected in their choice of shoes. That’s the perfect excuse to get more of them for a wide range to choose from.


If you will be running around town, nothing puts a spring in the step like cute-yet-comfy sneakers.


If you are ready to go all in, wear a power suit with a pair of heels to give that confidence a lift.

Now, go rock that suit of yours

Have fun with the colors and details. You can go from classic white, navy blue to bright red, yellow and pink, choose narrow or wide lapels, and small or decorative buttons. Personally, I love double-breasted suits with really huge lapels paired with high-waisted pants.


Be sure to invest in good quality fabric that will last long, not something that tears easily after a couple of washes.


If you adopt just one of the five secrets, whether flawlessly tailored to your exact figure or oversized in a fashion-forward manner, I guarantee you will rock a suit better than the boys.

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