Sometimes all we need is a second opinion on whether that top in black or the one in white matches that polka dot skirt. Or if there might be a better alternative to both options for our body type. Unfortunately for most of it, we have no one to ask, and sometimes we doubt the opinions of those we are asking.

Have you ever been in such a situation? You’re certainly not alone. Studies have found that women spend at least 14 minutes deciding what to wear each morning. This translates to almost four months of working life being spent in front of wardrobes.

Common solutions to this are surfing Instagram for the latest trends, following influencers whose style you envy, or referring back to where you purchased that skirt from on what to match it with. However, that would only be effective if you’re confident of choosing what suits you best based on your skin colour, body type etc. Otherwise you might just end up making a fashion faux pas.

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