The Psychology behind Fashion featuring Dr Dawnn Karen

Dr Dawnn Karen, Author of Dress Your Best Life and Founder of Fashion Psychology Institute

Shopping for new clothes is a favourite past-time and stress reliever that most turn to for some respite. Whether it is in treating ourselves to a new dress for a wedding or buying that new loungewear set for comfort during those lockdowns, we will find every excuse to make a purchase. And by the end of every year we try hard to declutter our overflowing wardrobes. Yet, come the new year, we do it all over again. Is there any way around to finally setting our resolutions to breaking those habits in the new year?

To understand more about why we do what we do, and to plan our wardrobes (and budgets) consciously for the new year ahead, we speak to the pioneer behind the field of Fashion Psychology, Dr Dawnn Karen, Author of Dress Your Best Life and Founder of Fashion Psychology Institute. Dr Karen, also known as the “Dress Doctor” has spent years studying the relationship between attire and attitude.

Tune in as she shares why emotions play a huge part in those shopping or style decisions we make and how we can take control over them to dress our best lives. Get ready for a more mindful wardrobe in 2022!

In this podcast we discuss:

[02:45] – Memorable stories of clients that Dawnn has worked with

[07:00] – How Dawnn came to pioneering the field of fashion psychology

[10:50] – Why what we wear matters

[14:15] – How one can shop with intention

[17:25] – What is decision fatigue and how we can avoid it

[19:07] – Dressing up according to emotion

[22:45] – What fast fashion and overconsumption have to do with avoidance behaviour

[25:11] – Overcoming repetitious wardrobe complex

[29:30] – Why you should read Dress Your Best Life today

[31:03] – How you can benefit from studying under Dr Karen at the Fashion Psychology Institute

[32:40] – Advice to empower another woman

About Dress Your Best Life (adapted from Amazon)

Harness the power of your wardrobe to achieve your dreams with this timely take on personal style from a world-renowned fashion psychologist.
You may get dressed every day without really thinking about what you’re putting on, but did you know that what you wear has a powerful effect on how you feel? Or that your clothes influence the way others perceive you? By making a few adjustments to your wardrobe, and learning to style from the inside out, you’ll not only elevate your look, but level up your entire life.

In Dress Your Best Life Dr Karen goes far beyond well-known makeover advice, pushing you to ask yourself: Are my clothing choices hurting me or helping me to achieve my life goals? Her book will help you discover your unique style story, become a smarter shopper, use color to your advantage, match moods to clothing choices, and embrace new or different standards of beauty. This knowledge is a power that you’ll exercise every time you open your closet door or walk into an important meeting in just the right outfit. Packed with practical tips and cutting-edge advice, Dress Your Best Life will teach you to harness the power of fashion for the life you want to live.

Dress Your Best Life is available for purchase on Amazon

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