Girlsourced Chats with Anisa Johnny

We start our podcast Girlsourced Chats with the ever challenging topic of sustainability featuring Anisa Johnny, co-founder of Style Nomads. Join our host Alyssa and our guest Anisa as they discuss the true meaning of sustainability on our upcoming podcast episode. From why that $3 steal may not be the best buy you think it is, to how you can start becoming a better, more #woke consumer or fashion brand, get the lowdown by tuning in to our podcast now!

In this podcast we discuss:

[02:01] – How is Style Nomads sustainable

[04:55] – When and why did Anisa start doing this

[10:17] – The inspiration behind Style Nomads

[19:10] – Why Style Nomads makes jewellery that lasts forever 

[22:10] – Whether mainstream consumers are really buying into sustainability

[26:01] – How the average consumer can start becoming more sustainable

[30:32] – Advice for brands who want to start more sustainable practices 

[34:28] – Advice to empower a woman