Girlsourced Chats with Renata Grėbliauskaitė

We build up clutter in our closets through many different means.⁠ It isn’t unusual then that pieces are often worn once or twice before they are tossed at the back of our closets, all forgotten and mouldy. ⁠Do you have a closet full of forgotten clothes that is disturbing you right now? Then perhaps it’s time to think about elimination. ⁠

In this episode, we speak to Girlsourced Stylist Renata to find out how she went from being a fashionista to a minimalist and why she launched the Wardrobe Restart on Girlsourced to help ladies declutter and find better style.

Tune in to hear how she transited from having a roomful of clothes to only 20 pieces in her wardrobe.

Want to achieve the same minimalism for your wardrobe? Renata tells it all, from the clients whose stories inspire her everyday to 5 reasons why you would want to get on the Wardrobe Restart with her today.

In this podcast we discuss:

[01:10] – What Renata did pre-stylist days

[04:45] – Renata’s inspiration for becoming a full-time personal stylist

[06:48] – How Renata lives with only one bag

[10:45] – Adjusting from a roomful of clothes to only 20 pieces in the wardrobe 

[14:00] – How to avoid repeating outfits even with lesser items

[15:33] – Client stories

[18:26] – Why the Wardrobe Restart should be done at least twice a year 

[20:50] – The value of consulting a personal stylist versus following fashion influencers

[23:45] – 5 reasons to get a Wardrobe Restart

[30:34] – Empowering another woman