Girlsourced Chats with Sher-li Torrey

Being a mom changes a lot of things for a woman. While the most obvious change is that in your body, there are a lot more changes to that than meets the eye. In this podcast episode, I speak with Sher-li Torrey, founder of Mums@Work, a platform helping mothers in Singapore find work-family balance since 2010.

Like many other professional mothers in Singapore, Sher-li Torrey couldn’t find meaningful flexiwork jobs when her first child was born. This inspired her to set up Mums@Work to list genuine flexi-work, offer career fairs and training workshops, creating a network of like-minded mothers. And she didn’t stop there. 

Most recently, Sher-li initiated the 40 Over 40 awards to challenge the culture of ageism at the workplace. In a society that highlights the spunk and never-ending energy of the young, this project embraces the transformational journeys of 40 women in Singapore, over 40 years of age – sharing their tales of ‘taking a risk’ to breathe life into their career aspirations, despite the odds.

Tune in to find out how you can benefit from the work that Sher-li and her team does, and be inspired that whatever changes you face in life as a woman, be it motherhood or tipping over into 40, there are others like her out there to cheer you on and to support you. 


In this podcast we discuss:

[02:35] – Sher-li’s career journey and what inspired Mums@Work

[09:47] – Why Mums@Work is a social enterprise, working towards purpose than profits

[13:33] – The different ways that Mums@Work supports mothers, from a flexible job portal to reintegration programs to mumpreneur activities

[19:06] – The inspiration behind the 40 Over 40 Awards

[21:21] – Sher-li describes the regular women who were nominated in the Awards in different categories

[25:19] – A mumpreneur’s challenges and Mums@Work’s endeavours to help the industry become more inclusive

[28:41] – Stories of mothers that Mums@Work has helped

[34:14] – Empowering another mother

If you are a mother in Singapore looking for a community that truly supports mothers, look no further than Mums@Work. Sign up for their platform here:

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