Girlsourced Chats with Natacha Chapon

When one thinks of upcycling, the simplest interpretation would be to sell preloved clothes to someone else or creating a pair of denim shorts from jeans. Natacha Chapon, founder of The Thread Loop takes us further behind the scenes of her low impact fashion boutique that upcycles deadstocks, offcuts, over-production and vintage fabrics to produce high quality bags and accessories. 

In this episode, we discuss why quality matters in upcycling – whether selling secondhand or creating a new line of products, and why taking that bit of effort to be sustainable can make a world of difference.

Tune in as Natacha reveals the amount of waste that occurs in the textile supply chain that is rarely seen by the end consumer and why working in the industry inspired her to start The Thread Loop in Singapore. Find out also how she uses her textile expertise to adapt products suitable for both the Asian and European markets, yet keeping things local to ensure sustainability.

In this podcast we discuss:

[01:14] – How The Thread Loop is sustainable

[07:12] – Why Natacha started The Thread Loop

[13:41] – To be sustainable, go for quality items like what we did in the past

[15:55] – What goes on behind the scenes at The Thread Loop

[20:17] – How Natacha helped with upcycling a vintage silk dress from the 1950s

[22:40] – Natacha’s journey so far with The Thread Loop

[25:11] – 3 things a consumer can do to be more sustainable

[28:39] – Why Natacha thinks you should declutter your wardrobe

[30:18] – 3 things brands should do to start sustainable practices

[34:31] – Empowering another woman

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