Girlsourced Ambassador Olivia Choong​

Girlsourced Ambassador is a series featuring inspiring ladies who are passionate about what they do and are inspiring change makers. 

This month we bring you Olivia Choong, an inspiration to all who are looking to make more sustainable choices. An avid environmental activist, Olivia is a co-founder at Green Drinks Singapore, a non-profit environment-focused society raising awareness on pertinent local and global environmental issues.

Leading by example, Olivia practises zero waste habits, recycles, and chooses eco fashion for a low impact lifestyle. We are every bit behind her on this. Awareness on fashion consumption patterns, such as looking into your wardrobe before a purchase can contribute to being more sustainable.

Read more about how she started her sustainability journey and be inspired!

Tell us briefly about a personal experience that impacted and transformed you.

Thirteen years ago, I was a couch potato with no real purpose in life at the time. I watched Live Earth for the international music acts, but after watching the back to back public service announcements about climate change and eco acts we can take, I suddenly realised how urgent the climate crisis was.

While I already had some level of environmental awareness, this event took it to the next level and pushed me to start the Singapore chapter of Green Drinks, which is still active today. We organise informative talks and panel discussions and networking sessions for people from different sectors of the green community.

Through these events, I met people who taught me a lot about various environmental topics, which gave me a more complete understanding of how everything is interconnected, and how our actions and consumption habits impact the ecosystem.

I used to consume mindlessly but learned that I should only buy what I need, and began to practice conscious consumption and try to lead as much of a zero-waste lifestyle as possible.


What reflections have you made during this quarantine lockdown and what adjustments have you made?

Before the lockdown, my lifestyle was not much different because I am a homebody who works from home. The main difference was that I wasn’t able to meet friends, visit garden nurseries and create specific types of content for my gardening blog.

It did however allow me to slow down and spend more time with my parents, focus on things I had put off for the longest time, and revisit my priorities. I had been so occupied with distractions that I did not make time to think about what I really want or what my next goal was.

I see this experience as a valuable one. Even though all paying projects have been put on hold temporarily, I cherish the time I have right now with my parents, which is more meaningful than money. This has brought us closer together and I will remember this time fondly.

I didn’t really need to make adjustments, but I found myself wanting to pick up new, good habits and learn new things. I wanted to become more disciplined, productive and get rid of things that no longer worked for me. Currently I am interested in the concept of Essentialism and cutting out the clutter and distractions from my life.  


What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?

Live a life that is true to yourself. Never feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do and always practice self care.

Check out Olivia's transformation below!