Girlsourced Ambassador - Eunice Tan

Meet Eunice Tan, October’s Girlsourced Ambassador and head of strategy across TSLA and Mother. Read more about her journey below and see how we carved out a personal style for Eunice that aligns with her mission with style recommendations from our Girlsourced Stylist Arianna Coccia.

Copy of JUNE 2020

Tell us briefly about a personal experience that transformed you

It’s nothing ground breaking really but taking up diving and yoga has just made me more aware of how small human beings are in this vast planet we call earth. It was a big perspective shift for me, to enjoy feeling insignificant in the grander scheme of things. Like most women, I can be hard on myself and hold myself to higher than usual standards. So, taking my self-importance off the pedestal and looking at things from a lighter perspective has really helped me create better work-life balance and approach problems differently.  

What reflections have you made during this time of the COVID19 pandemic and what adjustments have you made?

This pandemic calls for generosity and empathy more than ever. It’s literally caused us to slow down and within the confines of our own homes, re-examine how we relate to one another and through that, the value of human connections and relationships have come to the forefront. I started to realise the power of communication and human connection a lot more, and how a little generosity of time and of spirit goes a long way. Covid-19 also happened during Ramadan, so I was fasting throughout this period as well and one of the things that I tried to repeat mentally everyday was the notion of having empathy and treasuring the power of a cheerful disposition. That really changed my outlook on things and I started investing in my relationships with friends and family in a more meaningful way.  

What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?

Recognise that everything is a work-in-progress. Stop being hard on yourself and holding yourself to impossible standards 

Check out Eunice’s transformation below!