Get inspired by our stylists gift lists this season

With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, we ask our stylists what’s in their Christmas gifting list this year for a little treat for their loved ones and themselves.

Check out these suggestions from Costina, Ruyi, and Sin to get inspired for your very own gift list this season or get help from them for your very own personal shopping session for Christmas! Love their ideas? Shop them all here on Girlsourced.

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For myself

I love a great swimsuit and I really need to dream about an exotic vacation, so I would love the Saint Lucia swimsuit – Costina

Whenever my friends ask me what is the one thing a girl must have in her closet? My answer will definitely be a little black dress. I felt like I need a little upgrade from from one I have now and this dress from Alessandra Rich is perfect as you can dress it up or down – Ruyi

For my besties

My best friend would love a practical, sustainable brand to carry her essentials and look super chic so the Cedar bag from The Thread Loop would be great for her.

Another of my closest friends would appreciate this pair of wide leg trousers from Cashmere in Love which is stylish, effortless and very comfortable for her daily routine.

– Costina

It’s so cold in Korea so I chose these scarves and beanie for my bestie which have good material and beautiful colours. – Sin

An advent is definitely a treat as you get multiple surprises leading up to Christmas. My bestie would definitely enjoy this as it’s quite difficult to find good quality advent calenders with a good variety of items in each drawer where I’m from. – Ruyi

For my mother

A luxurious kaftan so we can go together on our winter escape for some mother-daughter time – Costina

Getting old needs extra care. The massage tool will be great for my mom and can be helpful for home care for times she can’t visit the spa. – Sin

My mom has never spent a lot on herself but have always been generous with the people around her. This bag would be the perfect gift for her as it would be something she would never buy for herself but admire from afar. The design is timeless and the color would go well with her style and outfits. – Ruyi

For my sister or cousin

People have home parties a lot because of the season and the pandemic situation so I chose this for my sister. The candle can give the interior a nice touch and candles can be used at any time so why not? 😜 – Sin

This clutch is perfect for my cousin who is really into brands that promotes sustainability, as it is made with upcycled upholstery materials. The print and color goes really well with her bohemian style and works as both a purse and a clutch. Who doesn’t love a multipurpose accessory? – Ruyi

This feature was brought to you by the following Girlsourced Stylists. 

Costina Stan

Costina is a fashion stylist and creative consultant with fashion editorial experience and has also worked with a variety of brands, from lingerie to footwear.

Ruyi Kang

Roo is a fashion designer working behind the scenes for international fast fashion brands. Check out her hobby page for style inspiration on KPOP stage outfits at @redvelvet_stylist!

Sin Park

Sin Park believes in finding the staple clothes for your wardrobe as well as having a style icon, in order to find the style that flatters you the most.

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