Girlsourced Ambassador - Danielle Champagne

This month we feature Danielle Champagne, co-founder of The Green Collective SG and proud owner of sustainable fashion brand Zhai Eco aiming to make sustainability mainstream. 

Danielle has lived in different countries in Asia where she taught at many schools in highly polluted environments. She thus embarked on a personal mission to educate on and bring sustainable fashion to Singapore – the new home she was moving to – while teaching. During this journey, Danielle made small changes to have a lower impact lifestyle, and is a full-time vegetarian and an animal lover.

Read more about why she’s such an inspiration below!

Tell us briefly about a personal experience that transformed you.

When my health started giving me issues in my 30s, I changed my lifestyle completely.

I had to give up gluten and dairy to start with, then chose to stop meat not long after. While this dietary change did wonders, I also started exercising more and took better control over my daily life and enjoyed more of what I like while eliminating what did not bring me happiness. All this is having a huge impact all around. It’s unbelievable how the human body adapts. Now that I feel so much better, I cannot imagine how I manage to function properly before I took control! Even though my diet is restrictive and make it hard to eat out, this lifestyle suits me perfectly. I feel 10 years younger than when I was 30!

What reflections have you made during the Circuit Breaker phases and what adjustments have you made?

This made me realise how I am in control and have my life where and how I want it to be. In fact, this CB has not created too many challenges for me as I was already enjoying working from home regularly. Sure, the fact that you are not “allowed” to do this or that makes many people cringe but TBH, it did not to me. Having my family around everyday, spending more time with my aging dog, picking up old hobbies… I must admit, I have not suffered much. I do miss my kids in Canada though as I usually spend summer with them.

What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?

You reach a point in life when it’s time to think about yourself. Once the kids start to be more independent, it’s time to get out of the comfort zone and explore old or new passions.

I made a very drastic career change in 2013, a complete jump in the void but so glad I did.

From an Art Diploma, to a primary school teacher to a fashion designer/business owner, doing scary things often end up not being so scary after all and the learning is incredible and so rewarding!

Make peace with your past, forgive people you bear a grunge with, turn the page and get out there, find something fun, something YOU like that will give you a purpose.

Cause we all need a purpose in life!

Check out Danielle’s transformation below!