Personal branding is an important ingredient in achieving success, and certainly important to upkeep for those who are successful. Behind the scenes of celebrities and even some influencers are a team of experts who are rarely credited, but yet crucial to the personal brands of these successful stories. In this post, we take a peek at who they are.

While J.Lo and Shakira made the headlines for their mind blowing performance at 2020’s Super Bowl, we were busy checking out J.Lo’s elaborate outfit styled by Mariel Haemm and Ron Zangardi. The duo behind the attention catching piece have styled the celebrity since 2011, helping her ensure she looks glamourous at every turn.

Other than addictive K-dramas and dreamy looking Korean boys, we are also obsessed with how KPOP idols and actresses always look so effortlessly pulled together. One of the stylists behind girl group SNSD is Seo Soo Kyung who also worked with artistes like Psy and Seventeen.

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Korean-American digital influencer @Chrisellelim juggles between her job and taking care of her family, but manages to look like she’s just stepped out of a fashion magazine most of the time.⁠

As it turns out, the founder of the blog “The Chriselle Factor” started her career as a stylist and is now one of the most successful female digital influencers with her own clothing line!⁠

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