Girlsourced Ambassador Hajar Goh

Hajar braves through the pain of her condition to spread hope and positivity

Girlsourced Ambassador is a series featuring inspiring ladies who are passionate about what they do and are inspiring change makers. 

We are excited to have Hajar Goh joining us on board as our Girlsourced Ambassador this month. Hajar is currently a yoga teacher and fitness instructor helping females achieve their fitness goals through lifting weights and yoga. She can be seen sharing fitness related topics and educating about Fibromyalgia & Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis to people around her through hope and positivity in her social media.

Hajar is someone we look up to. Even with her body condition, she brave through the pain like a champ and continue to inspires us that nothing can stop us from reaching higher for our dreams and be grateful for every single day of movement through her #fibrodiaries.

Tell us briefly about a personal experience that transformed you

I was diagnosed with Seronegative Rhuematoid Arthiritis last year after years of battling with chronic fatigue and widespread joint pain. Rhuematoid arthiritis is an autoimmune disease that caused my joints to feel sore and hurt. It is seronegative as my blood test has yet to pick up but I’m showing all the clinical signs  typical for the disease.  My diagnosis was my driving force to move forward with my fitness start-up, FWY.

(FWY stands for Fitness < Wholeness > Yoga)

I felt the need to serve and advocate healthy lifestyle to everyone especially to women everywhere.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was already leading an active lifestyle and due to my sore joints, some days is debilitating. It made me think of others who aren’t active and I empathise the pain that they have to go through.

I took it as my calling to equip women with proper knowledge about fitness to assist them to get healthier and stronger no matter their circumstances.


What reflections and adjustments have you made during the circuit breaker period?

This quarantine lockdown has been enriching needless to say. There had been a lot of adjustments to be made. Within a span of weeks, I have to migrate all my yoga classes and clients virtually on Zoom. I have to start working out using my bodyweight and resistance bands which frankly is a challenge as I enjoy lifting heavy weights at the gym!

Financially, due to the uncertainties ahead, I have to be stricter on my budget and be wiser of my purchases. On a bright side, this circuit breaker period  (or lockdown as other countries call it), enables me to spend more time with my little family- my husband Daniel and our aging fur-child, Queen Hamlet who is turning 11 this year. I am able to grow deeper in my faith with lesser distractions.

I am also able to birth more ideas for FWY with the hope of connecting better with our clients and grow as a company.  I also took this chance to upgrade myself and currently taking a Health and Wellness coaching certificate online so I can fully serve my clients in the most holistic way. Overall, I appreciate the PAUSE in life that the lockdown has offered. It taught me that when we peel away all the distractions in life, we actually need very little to survive and all that matters is simply family and love.


What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?  

So often we are so busy giving love to others that we forget how to love ourselves. We are also our biggest critique, so be gentle with yourself and know that you are already trying your best.  Embrace all your strength and your weaknesses for you grow with every mistake make.

Lastly, You are prettier, stronger and amazing than you think you are.  And no matter what the world or the media says, You are e n o u g h.

Check out Hajar's transformation below!