We believe in dressing up even as we work from home. As Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the (wo)man”, what you put on can indeed influence how you feel. Let us help you though to skip the routine of wasting time in front of your wardrobe, wondering what to wear for that conference call.

Pick out what to wear in no time with this guide! Here are the top items for your fuss free #WFH outfits options 😉

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Wear a slightly oversized jumpsuit. Easy to slip on, jumpsuits that are slightly oversized are perfect to sit through video conference meetings comfortably.

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A one-piece outfit that is comfy and easy to wear in no time. Pop on some of your favourite accessories to look like you spent some time curating your outfit. ⁠

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How to get that work life balance even when working from home? We suggest incorporating your workout clothes as part of your #wfh look, a great way that works for us so you will be more likely to schedule a quick workout in between your work sometime in the day.

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Never underestimate how much time and effort is saved when you run out of ideas on what to wear, matching sets are the best bet of the day.

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The kimono outer that you slept in can actually be your next #WFH choice for a lazy morning. Just wear it like a cardigan on top of your sleeveless top to take on that effortless look and still be fashionable enough to talk to your colleagues.

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A good choice to help you get used to #WFH is your linen shirt dress, a good mix of a casual and professional vibes.


With so many outfits to choose from, we hope your daily work from home outfit style dilemmas are well sorted! Want more style tips from our personal stylists? ✨Get a stylist to help you out or better yet help you shop for the missing pieces!