6 dresses we would wear on a date

With all the apps to get you matched, hitched or simply for a fun night out, we thought you might appreciate some options for those date nights you have lined up in the year. 

Here are six types of dresses we would choose to wear on a date to look like you casually “threw it on” wherever you are headed.

1. One Tone Dress

Make it look effortless. Pull off a simple yet classy style with a one-tone dress.

2. Pattern Dresses

Having a date in the gardens or an ambience with a nature-inspired theme? Look the part with florals and patterns.

3. The Bold & Shiny Dress

Have a bold or shiny dress that you only own once or worse, didn’t even have the chance to wear? 

Give it another chance, by wearing it to your next romantic date.

4. Slit On Dresses

Slits are your best friends when it comes to dresses, not only you will have more room for movement, they will accentuate your legs too! 💃🏻 

5. Strappy Dresses

Whatever the setting, a rustic date outdoors or fine-dining in a restaurant, this dress has got you covered.

Wondering which dress to get? Leave it to a Girlsourced Stylist to help you ensure you look stunning.

Book a stylist now to get advice on what suits your body shape and the figure out appropriate dress code for the venue.