3 Quick Tips to Styling Your Bump

Pregnancy is a joy as you look forward to the little bub you will meet at the end of a 9-month wait. When it comes to styling the growing bump however, it can be a bane as you try to sort out what to wear.

Let our Girlsourced Stylist help you with these 3 quick tips to get you started.

2. Flexibility is the key

Invest in clothes that can stretch or adjust as your bump grows. These clothes can still be worn post-pregnancy as you experience changes in your body.

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3. Belt It Up

Wearing a belt under a dress will help to accentuate your figure.

Flatter your baby bump by adding a thin belt above your tummy if you’re wearing a dress, it will accentuate the slim area under your bust. Place a belt on your hips beneath your baby bump if you’re wearing long tops or tunics, this will help you in avoiding a ‘parachute’ look.

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Want to stay stylish throughout maternity but also sustain your current wardrobe? Book a stylist now to find out more!