Smart casual Outfit Ideas

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It’s time to re-wear those summer outfits to the office, there is no reason to leave them in your wardrobe till next summer. 

Find out more below on how you can make your summer wear office-appropriate!

2. Summer Patterns

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Summer to office tip 2:

Make that striped top or bottom in your wardrobe (that you might only wear for weekends) to your new office wear. 

3. Summer Tops

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Summer to office tip 3:

Pair your favourite summer tops with high waisted belted trousers.

4. Summer T-shirt Combo

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Summer to office tip 4:

Your summer T-shirt combo: 

  • T-shirt paired with maxi skirts
  • T-shirt with a blazer set
  • Everything on top paired with your favourite summer sneakers

5. Denim Jeans

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Summer to office tip 5:

If you’re tired of striaght-legged pants, swap it up with mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.

Need more style tips for your under utilised clothing? Book a stylist now!

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