Power dresses for work based on your body shape

Admit it. We are all creatures of habit, frequently purchasing similar looking dresses just because a certain style or fit has earned us flattery wherever we go. But for as long as we don’t step out of our comfort zones we will never know what else could possibly look good on us!⁠⠀

Recommended dress silhouette for inverted triangle body shape

Look out for dresses that flare from the waist or hips. The key here is to balance the hips with your shoulders. To further accentuate your figure, keep in mind to focus on your waist with a belt or self-tie fabric sash.

Recommended dress silhouette for pear body shape

The key here is to highlight the upper part of your body starting from your waist up and mask the lower part. Try on tops with puffy sleeves or wider necklines.

Avoid thick fabrics, dropped waisted, and straight cut dresses.

Recommended dress silhouette for hourglass body shape

The key is to draw the focus to the waist without adding extra volume to the bust. Look for high waist definition. Avoid straight lines or boxy cuts.

Dresses with hemline not higher than your knees are recommended.

Try it out ladies, the bodycon dress is your bestie!

Recommended dress silhouette for apple body shape

The key to finding your perfect dress is one that skims over the midsection without clinging to the body.

Wrap dresses with V-necks are great in visually lifting the bust. Try on all-over printed dresses, to avoid creating any focal points.

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