From Work to Play with 1 Blazer

Date night plans after work? Try these fashionable blazer styling tips/ideas to bring you from day to night looking gorgeous and confident!⁠⠀

1. Neutral Colours

Image credit: Prettyfrowns

Stick to neutral colours from head to toe like New York-based Singaporean influencer Isabel Tan (@prettyfrowns). 

Then pair it with a cute bag to finish the look!

2. Dress under blazer

Take a cue from ex-fashion editor Lauren Caruso and wear a dress under your blazer. Spice it up with some accessories like a belt and some cute earrings. 

Image credit: Laurencaruso

3. Eyes on the blazer

Image credit: Marijasmine

For a convenient (and sexy) fix, take off the top and throw on the blazer with nothing underneath like TV host Mari Jasmine.

Get eyes on the blazer as the highlight of your overall look by pairing it with simple jewellery. 

Now, with all these tips, you are ready to go from work to your next date all sexy and confident. Check out some blazers that might be suitable for you. 

Inspired by the styles above? Book a stylist now to find out how you can utilise different blazers or workwear in your wardrobe to get a day to night outfit.

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