Steal the look: Hourglass Shape

To all ladies with hourglass figures – Don’t be afraid to go for a style that enhances your curves with body-hugging outfits, because you will totally kill it like @Ashley Graham, @Jessicah and @Hyolyn πŸ”₯⁠⠀

Even Ashley Graham rocked the bodycon dress during her pregnancy as shown in the image above. πŸ€°β β €

Not sure if you have an hourglass shape? Find out here what an hourglass body shape looks like!

Ashley Graham

Picture credit: @ashleygraham

Style tips from Ashley Graham:

βœ”Β Dark coloured belt to accentuate the waist + shape-wear to accentuate the curves on plus size woman.

βœ”Β Tight fitted sleeves + high cut slits

βœ” V-necks to show off the bust area


Picture credit: @ jessicah_o

Style tips from Jessi:Β 

βœ”Β Body hugging dress that shows off the body silhouette

βœ”Β keep it simple with monotone colour to create balance


Picture credit: @xhyolynx

Style tips from Hyolyn:

βœ”Β Mid-high rise trousers to elongate the legs

βœ” Tight-fitting tees that accentuate the body silhouette

Don’t be afraid to show your curves. Consult a stylist now to find out what suits you best!