5 ways to beautify your basics

The beauty of basics are that they go with almost anything. They should be a staple in every wardrobe because they are both timeless and versatile. With a little bit of DIY you can instantly add character to a basic top or bottom. By upcycling you can get a new outfit with an altered classic and fall in love with it all over again 😍

1. Beading

  • BeadΒ along the hemlines
  • Choose at least 3 colours for colorful beading
  • Tone on tone beading works too! Choose the type of beads to create depth (luster/matt)

2. Embroidery

  • Print out your favourite image that you want to embroider on
  • Pin & place the image to your liking and embroider on the paper. Tear paper after finish.
  • Check out different techniques to create textures & depth on your work.

3. Patchwork

Image Credit: barneys.com | dewildesalhab.com | proshopaholic.com | shopspring.com
  • Keep nice prints of fabrics and sew them on the basics that you want to alter.
  • Patch on interesting fabrics on small details like your collar on your shirt/jacket
  • Do patchwork on your worn out jeans and make it cool!

4. Alterations

  • Alter your unused jeans into shorts or ankle length
  • Solid good fabrics you would like to keep can be altered into something new (like a dress intoΒ  a top or scarf into a tube top)
  • Cut your basic long top intoΒ  a crop top or insert an elastic band at the back to make it more fitting
  • Love the fabric? Turn it into useful things like small pouches.

5. Tie Dye

Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Tie and dye your light coloured clothes and make them new again.
  • Use natural dyes from natural sources like tumeric (yellow), beetroot (purple/red) or tea (taupe/brown).
  • Learn the different techniques for different types of effects that you want to apply.
  • Try using two complementing colors to create an ombre effect. (pink with indigo)

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