Girlsourced Ambassador - Mugdha Hedaoo

Meet Mugdha Hedaoo, November’s Girlsourced Ambassador and founder of Goplay Cosmetics. Read more about her journey below and see how we carved out a personal style for her that aligns with her mission with style recommendations from our Girlsourced Stylist Renata Grebliauskaite. 


Tell us briefly about a personal experience that transformed you

As clichéd as it may sound, it has to be the experience of becoming a mother. And it wasn’t at the hospital, or even a month or two later. It was maybe when my oldest was about 6 months old, when he started developing his own unique personality. The realisation that you are now responsible for this small thinking little being was extremely humbling. It completely changed my perspective in life and it taught me empathy like nothing before.  

What reflections have you made during this time of the COVID19 pandemic and what adjustments have you made?

I realised that the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones is everything. When the Circuit Breaker started, it was very difficult for my family with work, homeschooling, cooking etcWe were all thrown into the deep end with no warning at all. But now, on hindsightwe made some beautiful memories all locked up in the house. We would crave of an opportunity like this in the pre-covid world. I kind of miss it sometimes now. With things going back to normal, we all are still eating healthier, working out talking more to each other, enjoying activities as a family. These are not adjustmentsthey are corrections 

What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?

We are all too hard on ourselves – juggling between family, work and social life- with the underlying feeling that we’re not 100% committed anywhere. If you’re feeling insignificant or unsatisfied with your current life, know that the women next to you is probably also feeling the same way, even if you see her amazing life on Instagram. So shake off that feeling. The world needs you just as you are! 

Check out Mugdha’s transformation below!


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