Girlsourced Ambassador - Anna Chan

Meet Anna Chan, this month’s Girlsourced Ambassador and a Certified Life Coach. Her mission in life is to empower others with a growth mindset and that they can find real happiness and continue to grow – resonating with Girlsourced’s vision to empower women. Read more about her journey below and see how we carved out a personal brand for Anna that aligns with her mission with style recommendations from our Girlsourced Stylist Sin Park.

Anna Chan

Tell us briefly about a personal experience that transformed you

Becoming a coach has totally transformed me as a person. It gives me an opportunity to transform other people’s lives. When my coachees share with me that their lives become richer; their relationship with their families and friends has improved and they are able to live in the moment and enjoy their day to day lives, these feedback has not only given me great motivation, it also reminds me to self-reflect at all times and be grateful for what I have.

What reflections have you made during this time of the COVID19 pandemic and what adjustments have you made?

During this lockdown, I have been focusing on things that I can control and maintain a positive mindset. I have been spending significant amount of time on learning new knowledge and skills via e-learning and reading books. One of the courses I want to share in particular is “The Science of Well-being” from Yale University. In this course, it explains the misconceptions about happiness and things that will make us happy, for example savouring, gratitude, kindness, social connection and time affluence, etc. I was able to practice these things in my day-to-day life and has been focusing in particular on practising “kindness”. It not only makes me happy but every time when I did a kind act, it has positive impact on others and the community. It now becomes a habit for me!

What would you like to say to all the ladies out there reading this?

Think about your life purpose and dare to dream! By maintaining a growth mindset, you will find more meanings to your life and you will live happier. Focus on the things that you can control and live in the moment. Never underestimate the impact that you can make to others and the community. Be a kind person and practise kindness each day.

Check out Anna’s transformation below!

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